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Hi, I’m Diana, owner of DianaMorgansPets and self-confessed walker and dog addict.

I’ve always been surrounded by wet noses and wagging tails, but I wanted to create something that would bring our pet obsession and the environment together in a way that most other pet shops don't.

Following a load of research and the advice of other experts in the K9 field, I decided to dedicate a new pet food and treats business that would be founded on the basis of supporting eco-friendly goals.


Also to complement the great outdoors I will also be supplying greeting cards that exemplify the fauna and flora of our rural areas.

Delivery can be arranged locally, or within the UK via post. Please follow the product information in the product section.

If you are in the Fetcham, Leatherhead area please look me up, get in touch to discuss your pets individual likes and needs and I’ll be happy to recommend some of our high-quality, preservative and chemical-free treats that will really get their tails wagging!

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